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The lab celebrated our first lead-author paper with a swanky dinner and the kind of drinks that come with one giant ice cube. Well done guys! Many more to come.





We just got our first lead-author paper published in eLife! Check out the synopsis of the work on our website here, or else read the full article for free at 10.7554/elife.35588.





12/6/2017 – ASCB


Jonathan, Gerry, Rachel, Brady and James drove down to Philly for the 2017 ASCB/EMBO meeting. We had some pretty decent crowds at our posters and met loads of our colleagues from around the world. We also met up with Gerry’s old lab – which was great until Rachel asked them to share stories… and they were eager to comply!

7/5/2017 – Freezer defrosting


Defrosting the lab freezer today, and we found a new addition living amongst the accumulated frost:

Meet Mr. Frosphoinositide!



1/5/2017 – Happy New Year!

“Lab meeting”

We managed to squeeze in one last group meeting before the holidays. Pressing topics included the merits of Rogue One over The Force Awakens and the nuanced rules and origins of fencing as a sport. We decided that regular discussion meetings would continue to be the forum for discussing experimental results and their various interpretations in 2017, as opposed to the alternative of trial by sword (sorry you got out-voted, James). We will re-appraise next year. Happy New Year, everyone!