Current opportunities

Research Assistant Position (March, 2022)

The lab will be recruiting a new scientists to the team, supported by our existing extramural funding; positions with competitive salaries will be available to applicants with a bachelors degree in a biomedically-relevant subject. If you are looking for a position like this, it could be a great fit: you will spend your time immersed in some of our most exciting and cutting edge research projects. Indeed, if you joined, you would take the lead on your very own project. There are several existing opportunities, including control of membrane lipid traffic in heath and disease, and developing novel biosensors and chemical genetic tools to probe lipid dynamics. Most of our previous lab managers and RAs left with first author publications, and moved on to join other prestigious research universities or training programs outside of Pittsburgh (I know – some people leave Pittsburgh!?).

The  post is already accepting applications. Applicants with less than two years apply here, those with more can apply here. Alternatively, if you feel a little more qualified, reach out to Gerry directly ( – he is always excited to talk with potential applicants. That will expedite the application process when the positions are posted!

Grad Students (August, 2021)

Welcome to Pitt to the incoming IBGP class! The lab is currently accepting rotation students through the IBGP program. Specifically, we have an opening to work on the PI3K in cancer project, and a second slot to work on the role of non-vesicular lipid traffic. Reach out to Gerry directly if you are interested (, or I look forward to meeting you all during matriculation.

The Hammond lab is a great place to train. We think the science we do is fun as well as incredibly important; moreover, we are surrounded by many like-minded colleagues in the Department of Cell Biology. The breadth of the science we do means that students can gain expertise in many widely applicable biomedical and tech skills, such as cutting edge optical imaging, protein engineering, genome editing, classical biochemistry and computational image analysis.

Dr Hammond is a committed mentor with deep routes in the IBGP and CBMP program, participating at all levels including mentoring, teaching and admissions. The lab’s three current graduate students have a 100% success rate in securing NIH funding, and the lab is generously funded by two extramural NIH grants, along with several collaborative funding sources.

The main program that we participate in is the Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology program, a branch of the School of Medicine’s umbrella Interdisciplinary Biomedical Graduate Program. We also recruit from the Integrative Systems Biology and Medical Scientist Training programs. If you’d like to learn more about the lab, or aren’t sure which of these programs might be for you, Gerry can help you out – drop him an email at!


We love to introduce budding scientists to cutting edge research. Undergraduates in the lab quickly get experience in the most state of the art molecular genetics and optical imaging technology used in modern research. If you are interested in getting some hands on experience in cell research, and learning how this underpins our understanding and ultimately treatment of disease, get in touch with Gerry at

You can also participate in the lab through the  First Experiences in ResearchContinuing Experiences in Research and Summer Undergraduate Research Programs. We have positions  available in the lab every year through each of these programs.

Post docs

We do not currently have an open, funded position available. However, we are always on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic researchers eager to pursue the most important questions in lipid signaling using the most cutting-edge technologies. If this sounds like you, Gerry would love to hear from you – drop him an email at with your CV and a brief outline of what you’re interested in doing in the lab.